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Intuitive Dashboards

Manage by exception by leveraging colorful, graphical and intuitive dashboards that quickly expose problem areas and suggest actions.

Item Classification

Items in each warehouse are classified not only by value (A;B;C) but also by speed of movement (High; Medium; Low) Set policies accordingly.

Sophisticated Forecasting

Our forecasting engine will self-select the best fitting algorithm for each item in each location to produce a forecast for the next 12 months, and monitor accuracy.

Optimal Purchase Orders at the click of a button

Recommended Purchase Orders are created and easily modified and/or approved with full visibility. "Top up" orders to solve for key targets like cost, weight, volume, etc.

Bill of Materials component demand

Blow through component demand to 99 levels of a BOM based on finished good demand in both a graphical and table view.

Centralized Distribution

Procure to a central distribution hub and then distribute to sub-locations and easily view stock levels and demand at each location.

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Inventory Requirements Planning helps manufacturers and distributers to quickly take into account and evaluate demand based on open sales orders and production material requirements. It also looks at supply, based on inventory stock levels (reorder points) and open purchase orders. Build times, lead times, and supply and demand functions are all combined to calculate the need for each inventory item.

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Inventory Requirements Planning

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Starting At $96.00/Mo

Return Material Authorizations

RMA, from Orchid Systems, lets you track product returns and repairs accurately. Improve efficiency and customer service by using consistent, configurable workflows, all from within Sage 300.

Return Material Authorizations

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