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GPS & Geofence Features

Make it easy to manage your mobile team, and ensure employees clock in at the right time, in the right place with GPS features like geofencing and geo tagging

GPS & Geofence Features

Instant visibility

  • Make sure your employees clock in at the right place, and the right time with GPS features

Customizable GPS settings

  • Customize your settings to manage who you want location visibility for, in the way you need it. See only where they clock in and out, or view their continuous location throughout their shift. Set for everyone, or only some of your team

Geo Fencing

  • Ensure your team is where they should be while on the clock.
  • Prevent location clock in errors, and forgotten clock outs with geo fencing.

Multiple Clock In Methods

Use the App, call in by phone, clock in by text message, or use our website. Use one method, or a combination. No matter what your team has access to, there is a clock in method that will fit!

Clock in any way!

  • Call a dedicated phone number to clock in and out. Even restrict where that number can be called from!
  • Open any browser to add time or clock in. Give your team the permissions you want.
  • Get GPS insight to where your team is for agile decision making and increase employee accountability with app time clocking.
Multiple Clock In Methods

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. VeriClock time tracking platform allows you to customize how you track time, and how you report on it.

Configure your account YOUR way!

  • Vacation and Overtime Pay Rules: Define how your team captures and records vacation time, or special pay rate rules.
  • Custom data fields: track more than just time with custom fields. Create a drop down list, open text box, or open numerical field to capture and report on the data you need from your employees
  • Location Management: determine who and how you would like to manage location insights for
  • Roles and Permissions: Customize what functions your employees and managers have in your account
  • Configurable views for each individual user: Move, rearrange, add or remove data columns to popular views for each user - see what YOU need at a glance
  • Reports in the format you want, with the data you want. Capture and report on custom field data, time entries and even create formulas in your reports. View on screen, schedule to run or download in a variety of standard formats

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with Sage50cloud means no more time sheets, data entry or files to upload - connect Sage 50cloud to your account and push time directly from your VeriClock account into Sage.

Go paperless!

  • Direct integration means data direct to your Sage 50cloud with a click of a button
  • Have control over what data goes in, and when, with a one click data sync preview

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